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A message from our State President:

This year's state theme is ‘Rhode Island R.E.D.’ standing for Revolution Education and Display. Members will support local historic sites and events by displaying colonial toys and games. RISSCAR members love supporting the historical sites around Rhode Island. Members also enjoy attending historical events such as demonstrations and reenactments. At these events you can find our members dressed in colonial outfits playing games and talking to visitors.

The state project will focus on working with the Nathanael Greene Homestead to create a working model of a trip hammer similar to the one that may have existed in the forge on the property. A trip hammer is a water-powered blacksmithing hammer that uses belts and cogs to move a large hammer. Having a water powered hammer allowed blacksmiths to work the metal without the strain of swinging hammers all day. Historic documents detailed that the forge had 7 water wheels that powered parts of the forge, and there was a double trip hammer as part of the forge. The state project's interactive trip hammer model will allow visitors of all ages to learn about the Greene forge that existed along the river on the property and was an important part of the local economy. 



Oliver Head

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