A message from our acting State President and First VP:


The state of Rhode Island, though small, is home to a vast array of biodiversity, from Narragansett Bay to the forests of West Greenwich, it is easy to take Rhode Island’s nature for granted. The environment is not stable though, and as the climate crisis continues on a global scale, Rhode Island feels the impact at home. Rising tides threaten state beaches, plastic pollutes the sand, and local beaches are closed every year due to algae blooms caused by warmer than normal water.

This year, Rhode Island Children of the American Revolution is celebrating Rhody’s natural beauty through education about local environmental issues, exploring the ecology, and serving to keep Rhode Island clean. It’s hard to be the Ocean State when beaches are polluted, so in addition, we ask that friends of RISSCAR make donations to Save the Bay, a local nonprofit that uses advocacy, education, and habitat restoration and adaptation to preserve Narragansett Bay (Save the Bay Inc.). 

Rhode Island the Beautiful (coming from the song America the Beautiful) wants to bring attention to the beauty of Rhode Island nature and ecosystems, promoting patriotism through pride in the environment and preserving it for years to come.
This year’s logo was made by First VP Caitlyn Holmstedt and showcases the violet, Rhode Island’s state flower.